Project ‘Tabula Imperii Byzantini’: About the Future (?) Studies of Historical Geography of Byzantium

The Institute for Byzantine Studies of the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts had the pleasure to host dr Mihailo St. Popovic, Member of the Division of Byzantine Research, Institute for Medieval Research, Austrian Academy of Sciences and project manager of  ,,Tabula Imperii Byzantini Balkan”. Dr Popovic gave a lecture on 22nd February 2023 in the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts with the title:  Project Tabula Imperii Byzantini: about the future (?) studies of historical geography of Byzantium”.

Our distinguished guest shared with us the innovative methodology he and his team developed during digitalization phase of their research, also referring to the future assignments of our project From Barbarians to Christians and Rhomaioi. The Process of Byzantinization in the Central Balkans (late 10th – mid-13th century)”.