The Institute for Byzantine Studies
Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts
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Library of the Institute for Byzantine Studies, SASA

Librarian: Anđelina Marinković (

Working hours: 10.00 − 14.00

The Institute has a professional library with more than 34,000 books, offprints and journals, which has been enlarged over the past few years primarily through a vast international exchange and six significant private donations (Daniel Crena de Iongh, Georgije Ostrogorski, Franjo Barišić, Godrana Babić, Ninoslava Radošević and Zaga Gavrilović). Besides, the fund of the library has a complementary basis in the library of the Department for Byzantine Studies of the Faculty of Philosophy in Belgrade, especially as regards older and rare publications. It is the Institute’s library that enables most of the research to be carried out in the Institute, and represents a great help to many experts in related disciplines and institutions.