Byzanz und das Abendland 9

Five associates of our Institute (Predrag Komatina, Ljubomir Milanović, Maja Nikolić, Bojana Pavlović and Vladan Zdravković) took part in the 9th conference Byzanz und das Abendland, organized in Budapest by ELTE Eötvös József Collegium together with other scientific institutions, among which the Institute for Byzantine Studies of the SASA also stands. The conference was held from November 20 to 23 of this year. In their papers the associates of our Institute presented the results of their research on the project “From Barbarians to Christians and Rhomaioi. The Process of Byzantinization in the Central Balkans (late 10th–mid-13th century)”, supported by the Science Fund of the Republic of Serbia within the program Ideas (Acronym BarByz_10-13, Grant No. 7748349).